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Please call for an appointment before visiting. Class is in session almost all of the time and we prefer that students not be disrupted while working, so no walk-ins please.

Our Classroom is located at:

The WI Patterson Community Center
2614 Crest St
Durham, NC 27705


Our Mailing Address is:

The Achievement Academy of Durham
2614 Crest St
Durham, NC 27705

Our Staff:

Executive Director Nancy Cox:
Head of School Kate Blake:


Brett Coonley:
Allie Brown:

Our Board of Directors

Ed Boyd
Greg Doucette
Peter Gorman
Ryan Hampton
Mark Kubaczyk
Wendy Mccorkle (chair)
Marcus Morrow
Dan Oldman
Henry Pruette
Jane Williams


Jason's Story

Working as a tutor at the Achievement Academy has helped me develop my communication skills with a group of people I find interesting, that is high school students. I’m just a couple of steps ahead of them, and I understand why it might be hard to pick up a book. But I know that, if they do decide to engage in reading, it will open up many opportunities to them.


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