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Please call for an appointment before visiting. Class is in session almost all of the time and we prefer that students not be disrupted while working, so no walk-ins please.

Our Classroom is located at:

South Bank Building
400 West Main St., Suite 103
Durham, NC 27701

Our Mailing Address is:

The Achievement Academy of Durham
400 West Main Street, Suite 103
Durham NC 27701

Our Staff:

Executive Director Gayle Erdheim:
Head of School Kate Blake:
Case Manager Elizabeth Oates:
Accounts Manager Dwight Bunce:


Tom Prescott:

Our Board of Directors

Abby Parcell (chair)
Stephanie Barnes-Simms
Darryl Childers
Abigail Cohen
Jamie Cole
Clay Harris
Dan Oldman
Jane Wettach


Daniel's Story

My name is Daniel. I’m 17 and from Durham N.C. I have four younger siblings that I will be responsible for in the near future. My big brother was shot and killed two years ago. In order for me to get a job to make enough money to care for my younger siblings, I have to stay in school. Without an education no-one gets very far in life.


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